About MUCK

Ebony and Cielo Azul are two friends and housemates supporting their chosen family through herbal remedies.

As people who have used herbal medicine in various forms and have been interested in herbalism, taking the first steps to craft these blends for medicinal, recreational, and spiritual purposes has felt just right.

We are learning more and more about medicinal autonomy, Indigenous land sovereignty, folk medicine across the African diaspora, and many other ways to reconnect to the land we live on and the people we’re around. It’s incredibly exciting to be able to grow and prepare our own herbal medicines to care for the sick and disabled people in our lives.

As of June 2024 we have kickstarted “Mud Home for MUCK House” to help us along our journey of inter-dependent living with our family and the Earth. Every purchase and recommendation of MUCK products goes towards funding our journey to building/living in an earthen home (on Navajo land via direct invitation) as well as continuing our education with our medicinal plant relatives.

Please enjoy this herbal journey with us buy supporting us in our herbal journey to make our household and other communities safe and happy.

The majority of funds made from herbal offerings go towards keeping the folks of MUCK housed. A percentage will be donated to mutual aid efforts for people we know personally or other efforts to aid in global crises such as the genocides in Palestine, Sudan, and the DRC.

If you are unable to purchase an herbal offering but would still like to help out, feel free to give any amount to these aid efforts.