Sliding Scale Offerings

Low TierMid TierHigh Tier
Suggested price of $10.50$11-18$18 or more
Herb Blends
3.5 grams of loose herb blend can be made into pre-rolls for $5
In order to keep our shop accessible to more folks, we are offering a sliding scale option for all of our products.

The low tier allows MUCK to keep making remedies and learning as we go.

The mid tier covers our creation cost and goes towards our housing and/or mutual aid funding.

The high tier allows for creation, housing, mutual aid, and pays for the labor that goes into sustaining MUCK!

Pay a low tier if:
 you are (or would like to be) on governmental assistance (like SSDI, EBT, Medicaid)
, you are not able to comfortably afford your basic needs.

Pay a middle tier if:
 you have reliable income and/or you have manageable debt
, you can rely on family in a crisis.

Pay a high tier if: you have long-term stable income, you are debt-free
, you have access to generational wealth.