We forage in locations that have not used pesticides or other toxic materials to harvest or landscape the area such as organic farmland and familiar backyards.

Places we don’t forage from: city parks, road medians, unknown neighborhoods, maintained trails, places with high pollutants.

The state we’re based in offers legal cannabis products like CBD and THC so we are able to use legal cannabis personally but we don’t sell THC on this site due to federal law.

CBD provides many medicinal benefits and we hope to be able to add them to future remedies.

If you have any questions or requests please reach out via social media or Signal!

All products are handmade by a group of slow-working friends. Good things take time and we try to ship things by the Monday after order placements!

Additionally, some ingredients can run out of stock depending on the season.

We really enjoy to re-use/re-purpose things, so expect some (cleaned and sanitized) materials to house your goods. For our mail orders we are using paper cardboard and biodegradable packing tape so that things can be thrown into a compost pile if they’re not being re-purposed.

Baltimore, Maryland locals are able to pick up or get their goods dropped off by us if they select that option through the checkout page.

MUCK would prefer to do contactless pick-up/drop-off due to the ongoing pandemic but we would be happy to offer you masks if needed.